A Job-seeker’s Guide: Benefits of Going Through a Recruitment Firm


Mon, Feb 27, 2023

6 min read

Did you know that more than 70% of job seekers have applied for jobs they are ineligible for? Without a doubt, searching for the right job requires a great deal of time and effort. Although job sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and JobStreet are most of the time key to finding your dream job, many job seekers are unaware of another passive method going through a recruitment firm. They are experts in their field, so depending on the roles they have on hand, can assist you in your quest of landing your ideal job that complements your skillset and qualifications. 

With this, let’s explore how the process works and the benefits of applying through a reputable recruitment firm to ease your job search, and you may consider adding it to your list of job-hunting tactics after this! 

What are recruitment agencies and how do they actually work?

In layman terms, businesses and organizations hire recruitment agencies as a third-party solution that helps them find suitable employees according to their hiring needs. This can be for a multitude of reasons, including lack of manpower. By doing so, they can save the time and money lost when leaving an essential role unfilled for too long.  

So, here’s a breakdown of how they work:  

1. An employee from the recruitment agency will reach out to you (but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to them first!) 

Recruiters who work at recruitment firms are professionals specialized in matching competent individuals with specific vacancies for their clients’ companies (other recruitment titles that you may come across are Recruitment Consultant, Recruitment Manager, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Recruiting Team Lead or Recruitment Specialist). They usually search and connect with potential candidates on social networking sites like LinkedIn to obtain qualified candidates. If they reach out to you, it is likely that they think you match the job requirements or have a lot of potential after going through your work history on your LinkedIn profile. 

Conversely, most recruitment agencies will also post available job vacancies on their own websites or job boards. For example, FIND posts jobs on our website, findtalents.co as well as job boards on LinkedIn and Indeed. This allows you to access their website easily and apply directly, thus you can always make the first move and wait for their response thereafter!  

Needless to say, there are many recruitment agencies out there so make sure you do some homework before deciding which agency to go with to ensure that their working style and values match yours! 

2. They will assist you throughout the entire job application process (if they have a suitable job role for you) 

If you are interested in the proposed job position and choose to go along with the recruitment agency as your representative, you will first go through a brief screening interview, which is usually done via a phone call or video call. If deemed suitable after the call, the recruiter will then oversee the entire job application process, such as offering guidance on your resume and giving you tips for the job interviews. Also, good recruiters often keep you updated on the hiring process so that you don’t have to constantly worry about your job hunt! 

3. What happens after you receive a job offer? 

Congrats! You’ve passed all interview stages and the ball is now (mostly) in your park. Now what? After you receive a job offer, the recruiter will also assist you in negotiating any terms with the client if there is anything you are dissatisfied with. This is because as a bridge between candidate and employer, they understand both parties well and are able to sell you to the employer by highlighting your abilities, experience, and other qualities that make you the ideal candidate. Moreover, they typically have more experience with salary negotiation to fight for your worth and will always try their best to get the best outcome for you. 

Upon receiving an offer, the standard operating procedures of employment, such as contract terms and payroll will vary depending on the company you are hired for. 

But if you have no concerns, then welcome to the working world! 

So why should you let a recruitment agency represent you? 

1. You will save time, energy and prevent the stress that comes with job seeking 

Finding a new job can take up to 5 months or even longer. But if you work with a recruitment firm, it will significantly decrease the time and effort that you have to put into the job-hunting process. For instance, you do not need to constantly create and send out individual applications for the different jobs since recruiters will help you with each suitable vacancy they have under their company for you. 

2. You have access to more job opportunities at once 

If you did not get a job offer from your first job application with the recruitment agency, don’t sweat! Recruiters are the ones liaising directly with employers, which means it makes them the first ones to learn about new job openings. Thus, these recruiters can assist you in applying for other job positions (if there are suitable job roles and you match with the job requirements). Moreover, not all job vacancies are posted online, so you may learn more about hidden opportunities from recruiters that you may not find on online job boards. 

3. You are one step ahead of your competition

Through the conversations they have with their clients, recruiters are certainly well-equipped with inside knowledge about the industry that they hire for. Ultimately, you will receive these insightful tips that you might not have otherwise known about, such as the market trends in your sector, expectations for career progression, and current hiring obstacles.

Another plus point is that they will also help you present yourself in the best light at every stage of the application process, from your resume to the interviews!

4. Recruiters have your best interests at heart 

Recruiters have all the necessary resources to find the ideal candidates since they are aware of what both the employer and job seekers want. More importantly, their reputation depends on the satisfaction of the client and the job seeker with their placements. Therefore, it is very likely that they will ensure a favorable outcome for both parties. 

5. It’s free of charge! 

Nothing is free in life, but guess what? As employers are the ones engaging recruitment agencies to scout out eligible candidates, that only means one thing.  

Yup, they bear the brunt of the cost, and job seekers do not have to pay a single cent! Thus, what’s stopping you from taking advantage of these great opportunities and easing your job search process?  

**Pro tip: If they do charge you any fees, it is very likely that it is a scam. RUN! 

Final Thoughts

Working with a recruitment firm will definitely open up a lot more avenues rather than going through the job-hunting process alone since you save a lot of time and effort.  

More essentially, it is our primary objective to assist job seekers in finding their ideal jobs. So, if you need help in FINDing your own path, do get in touch with us! 



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